How To Improve Your Communication Instantly

Most of the lesbian couples that reach out to do couples counseling with me say that one of their biggest relationship issues is COMMUNICATION. Can you relate? If so, you’re definitely not alone. It’s supper common for couples (yes, even lesbian couples) to struggle...

Is Lesbian Bed Death A Real Thing?

Chances are, you’ve heard the phrase…lesbian bed death. You might even wonder, is lesbian bed death a real thing? I wrote an article a while back for Your Tango entitled:  'Lesbian Bed Death' Is A Myth (But Sexual Issues Can Still Happen To You). The main reason I...

Does Lesbian Couples Therapy Really Work?

That’s a pretty good question… Does lesbian couples therapy really work? And the short answer is (drum roll)… Yes! But I’d bet my comfy Birkenstocks that the question that keeps circling through your worried brain is more like… Can lesbian couples therapy save my...

The Fun Question Game For Lesbian Date Night

Have you heard about the popular question games for couples? The ones for couples that are on their third date or their hundredth date? You can find dozens of these question games online. But, I started wondering… Where’s the question game for lesbian couples? I...

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