Lesbian Couple's Reconnection Formula

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Learn the skills to really understand each other’s sensitivities, wishes and desires.

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Co-create your ideal relationship and become the happiest couple you know. Again.



Quickly restore trust as you heal old wounds and discover how to protect your relationship for good.

Dr. Lynda Spann
Founder of the Lesbian Couples Institute


Dr. Spann enjoys an 85% success rate.

Lynda is an extraordinary counselor with a lot of heart. She is both knowledgeable and passionate about helping women. Lynda was unbiased, non-judgmental, and an incredible listener throughout our private couples retreat. She taught us solid skills that we needed for meaningful communication. Now  we have more hope and determination to stay the course.


After much seeking to save our relationship, I'm thankful my partner found Lynda at the Lesbian Couples Institute. We left feeling equipped to continue building on what we learned. And we’re happy to have a new outlook on our future together.


Practical Strategies And Insightful Perspective

As a master at coaching mentoring and therapy, Lynda is gentle, candid and compassionate. Through practical strategies and insightful perspectives, she taught my partner and I hoe to foster intimacy and deeper connection in our relationship. Amazingly open and deeply kind, Lynda is the best.


Love is a Journey We Take Together.

Some of the goals of our journey together.

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Feel safe with a therapist who really “gets” our LGBTQ community

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Leave every session right side up and feeling positive

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Overcome your biggest relationship challenges fast

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Feel deeply understood by your sweetheart

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Learn the skills to stop your fights from ever getting nasty again

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Repair damaged trust, be vulnerable with each other and feel closer than you ever have

Every journey needs a plan

Whether your communication is a disaster, you’re weary of constant arguments or an affair has shattered trust, we can help. Schedule a call today.

Transformation. Authenticity. Impact.


During our initial consultation, you’ll get crystal clear on what to do next to create the relationship of your dreams. You’ll discover the #1 thing stopping you from having the relationship you want.


Choose from a laser-focused couple’s intensive or a slower process of therapy to help fix what’s broken. If you opt for a couple’s intensive, we’ll continue the process with a few 100 minute sessions so you can finally have your ideal relationship. Again.


With new relationship skills and deeper trust, you’ll grow your closeness, joy, and security as a couple for years to come. From now on you’ll enjoy that wonderful feeling of being understood. You’ll feel the ease of communicating successfully. And you’ll know exactly how to take care of one another during stressful times.

Unlike other therapists who use an out-dated 40 to 50 minute therapy sessions, I created a program that accelerates the work we do because we spend bigger chunks of time together. You get results faster.”


Lynda learned how to love in a way that freed her to be her true self. You can too! She explored and found a deep connection (and community) through curiosity and quality self-reflection.

Through sometimes difficult and challenging exploration, Lynda discovered the courage to speak her truth with her partner and in her life, to move forward with authenticity and living out loud. This allowed her and her partner to co-create a deeply connected love relationship that is a safe place, from which she can explore herself as well as the big, alive world with complete curiosity.

Lynda was called to explore and discover the path to deep, secure, love. And to be the “Guide on the Side” of lesbian couples that are stuck on their own love path — needing help exploring new directions and discovering the equipment and skills that will make their love journey epic.


You know your relationship is in trouble and don’t know where to turn. Maybe the passion in your relationship has drained completely out and you feel more like roommates than lovers. Perhaps you feel like life with your partner is a constant battle and you’re not on the same team. Or maybe you’re suffering from the crushing devastation of an affair and you have no idea how to heal from it on your own. Regardless, you still love each other even though one of you may not feel “in love” anymore. It’s why you’re searching for help to fix what’s broken.


The Lesbian Couples Institute knows the unique problems lesbian couples face. We understand the nuances of same-sex relationship challenges on both a clinical and personal level.

Instead of the typical every week or two 50 minute therapy session plans (that take a long time to create progress and often don’t go anywhere), you can opt to start with a 1 or 2-day couples intensive. An intensive is like getting months of therapy in one day! This type of concentrated and personalized counseling helps you rapidly and permanently break through the blocks in your relationship. After the intensive, you and your partner will lock-in your progress with a few ongoing 100-minute sessions.

Treat your relationship with the expert care and respect it deserves. At the Lesbian Couples Institute, we understand the distinct problems that lesbian couples struggle with, and we know exactly how to help you fix them.

Bring the security and love back into your relationship today!


Like what you see but don’t identify as a lesbian?

No worries! At the Lesbian Couples Institute, we work with all women that are in same-sex relationships. Whether you call yourself lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans, queer, or fluid…doesn’t matter. We’d love to help you fix your relationship problems. (We’ll even work with progressive straight couples and gay men, too.)

We offer lesbian couples therapy, lesbian couples coaching, LGBT couples therapy/coaching and many other services to improve your life.

Together you’ll create a love story that you never dared to believe was possible.

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How much longer can you ignore the icy chill of disconnection between you and your partner? How much longer will you suffer from the vast loneliness of poor communication? Are you willing to watch your relationship crash and burn?

The Lesbian Couples Institute was created for women just like you. We want to help you and your partner communicate in a way that really works, fix the problems that keep coming up, and restore the intimacy in your relationship.

Isn’t it time for your relationship to be the best part of your life?