Online Group Coaching

Online Group Coaching
for Lesbian Couples

TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples)

An online coaching program for lesbian couples
that are ready to thrive!

You can take your relationship from struggling, disconnected and stuck to happy, secure and thriving in just 10 weeks!




  1. An On-Demand, From Anywhere Relationship Transformation Training Course

  2. Weekly Group Coaching Events with Online Interaction with Other Couples Led by Dr. Lynda Spann and her wife, Lisa.

TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) is for lesbian couples who are 100% committed to creating a joyful, secure, thriving relationship for good.

Because of that, TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) is by application only.

Act fast, this popular program fills up quickly.
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Intro to online group coaching

(In the pages that follow, you’ll find information about why this program is right for you and your partner, as well as a link to view a masterclass video. Once completed, you will be able to schedule a complimentary introductory call with Dr. Spann in order to qualify for admission into the program).

Love is a Journey we take together.

If you and your partner have found yourselves in need of help on your own relationship journey, then this is the program for you.

Designed by an expert Ph.D. level lesbian therapist with lesbian couples in mind.

This on-demand, available from anywhere course is ideal for busy couples to get the love and relationship coaching they need without the challenges of scheduling and keeping in-person appointments.

Are you in a lesbian relationship that feels listless, lonely, or like it’s moving in the direction of eventual collapse? Is there a part of you that longs to feel cherished and secure in a relationship that’s full of joy, fun, and love, again? This program takes you on a journey of rediscovery and renewal that will have you feeling like the happiest couple in the room. Again.

If your relationship disconnection or distress has gone on for a while, there’s a good chance that either you or your partner are questioning if you’re “right” for each other.

You may be lying awake at night replaying unresolved arguments, feeling alone and misunderstood, or worrying that your relationship is teetering on the edge of a steep cliff.

You’re hesitant to even let yourself imagine feeling alive and in love with your partner, again.

At the same time, you’re looking for a thread of hope that you will have a future together that’s full of adventure, nurturance, attention, and the ease of being exquisitely tuned-in to one another.

Sometimes you let yourself imagine a relationship that thrives with heartfelt connection, spirited discussions, playful affection, shared goals, and deep vulnerability. True intimacy.

Mostly, you feel sad about the distance between the two of you. And you’re exhausted and depleted from the negative cycle that neither of you have been able to stop.

You want nothing more than to stop walking on egg-shells, to feel safe again, and to travel through life with the woman you fell in love with. Deep inside, you dream of relationship growth and transformation.

If you’re struggling with relationship issues or pain, TLC provides a clear path to relief, reconnection and resolving your problems quickly.

You Crave…

  • Great conversations where you both feel understood, and closer than when you started talking
  • Easily connecting emotionally, affectionately, and sensually
  • Knowing that your partner understands, accepts, and adores you
  • The ease of talking about even tough issues without fighting, blaming, stonewalling, or getting defensive
  • Balancing closeness and independence
  • An atmosphere of humor, laughter, and playfulness
  • To be on the same page about goals and dreams
  • Looking forward to spending the evening with your partner
  • A spirit of ongoing friendliness, appreciation, and gratitude
  • Both of you making your relationship the number one priority
  • Understanding how to help one another feel soothed and relieved when upset
  • Knowing, deep in your bones, that nothing can shake your intimate connection

“Dr Spann was very professional while being personable and relatable. Her level of expertise made us know that we were in the right place. Dr Spann had a large toolbox from which to recommend exercises and other ideas, allowing us to try a variety of therapeutic activities.” – Former Client

Maybe you’ve searched everywhere for help and can’t find a lesbian who specializes in couple’s therapy.

Your search is over!

Are you craving love and reconnection?

The TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) coaching program has been carefully designed to help you get your cravings met!

Online Group Coaching Couple

You’re Probably Frustrated, Sad and Lonely if …

Nothing you’ve tried has worked. Even though you’ve been working on this for months or years, not much has changed.

Perhaps you:

  • Have been avoiding arguments to the point that you’re hardly talking about anything meaningful
  • Feel hopeless about ever learning how to communicate so that you’ll feel heard and understood
  • Are tired of juggling life, work, and other responsibilities and barely have time for fun or intimacy anymore
  • Act more like roommates or business partners— sharing routine and practical chores— but nothing pulls at your heartstrings anymore
  • Have tried couples therapy, which seemed to briefly help, but things just went back to how they were…and you’re starting to feel that your relationship is beyond repair
  • Keep reading the latest “communication” tips to solve disagreements, but nothing seems to work long term.

If you’re feeling alone on your journey of love, strapped for time, and don’t know how to repair and rebuild your relationship…but know in your heart you both deserve more… this is the coaching program for you.

Stop settling for a stagnant relationship.

Let’s take this love journey together. So that you can rediscover your passion for each other, again.

This TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) Coaching Program is for Lesbian Couples Who:

  • Have been together beyond the initial honeymoon stage
  • Still love each other, but are feeling distressed and disconnected
  • Want to grow individually and together
  • Have read self-help books, tried or thought of therapy, dabbled with date nights, and are still not thriving
  • Want their relationship to grow and are willing to do the work to make that happen
  • Understand that an investment in their relationship is an investment in their overall well-being
  • Are unwilling to give up on their relationship without an honest try
  • Have struggled to make progress on their own and are ready to get help from an expert guide who has spent years discovering the exact steps for a successful journey of love

Who The TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) Program Is Not For:

  • Heterosexual couples or gay men couples
  • Lesbian couples hoping for a quick fix or magical bullet and are unwilling to put in the work
  • Couples where one of you is stuck in the blame game, not taking your share of responsibility in creating change
  • Lesbian couples who believe they can DIY their way out of this
  • Couples where an ongoing affair, domestic violence, untreated addiction, or mental illness are present
  • One or both partners are not willing to give their all to the process of creating thriving, lasting love

TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) is a proven lesbian relationship transformation Coaching Program

It’s the quickest, most effective way to learn to relate to each other with greater connection, less conflict, and more joy.

With this step-by-step system you won’t fail. Even if you’ve tried therapy before and you’re at a loss for creating lasting relationship growth.

In this TLC program, you’ll discover the path to a thriving intimate partnership with a knowledgeable guide on your side.

During the TLC 10-week coaching program you’ll get the tools and skills you need to…

  • Reconnect with your partner instantly
  • Become a happy and effective team
  • Understand each of your relationship dance styles
  • Stop a fight before it starts
  • Communicate so you both feel understood
  • Repair and heal
  • Embody brave vulnerability and steady curiosity
  • Grow individually and together

TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) is not a flimsy, feel-good class with empty promises. It’s a thoughtfully designed, carefully engineered relationship skill-building system that will help even the most stuck couples succeed.

The reason why?

Clearly Mapped Step-by-Step Journey

It’s like having a relationship GPS at your fingertips. You’ll be coached every step of the way. With each lesson logically flowing from the last.

User-friendly Tools For Success

Experience immediate results when you have the right tools, tricks, and techniques. And don’t worry, these things are easy to master.

Ease of an at-Home Method

Watch the video lessons on your time-table from the comfort of your home. Then hop on your computer for a weekly group coaching session with other lesbian couples that get you.

Community Support

No longer feel isolated and alone in your relationship journey. You’ll be getting support from other lesbian couples that are growth-oriented and learning to thrive.

Manageable Lessons

You won’t be overwhelmed or drained. In fact you’ll be invigorated by the bite-sized training videos that are full of practical steps and skill that will immediately help your relationship take a giant leap forward.

Expert Guide

Your guide on this journey of love, Dr. Lynda Spann, will help you accelerate your relationship growth and transformation. So that you can be the happiest couple in the room, again.


Lynda is the perfect guide for this exploration. Not because she has a doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy, but because she’s walked in your shoes. She’s lived through the pain of a failing relationship and has now discovered the map for how to have a joy-filled, secure, and thriving partnership with her wife, Lisa.

Lynda has helped hundreds of couples like you get unstuck and create the relationship that they crave.

TLC will help you turn your relationship of loneliness, frustration, and hurt into one of connection, joy, and security.

What you can expect from the TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) Coaching Program:

First and foremost, TLC is not a theory class on love.

This is a hands-on, experiential, fun program that delivers real, lasting results. Please don’t mistake our easy system for a temporary band-aid.

In the TLC coaching program you’ll learn foundational concepts, do fun exercises together, and master new skills and techniques that will lead to massive relationship growth and permanent change.

You’ll start feeling better immediately. And you’ll get to the level of being a thriving couple, fast! That’s because our TLC course curriculum and coaching is designed to be easier, faster, and more effective than traditional, theoretical learning.

The TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) program has been developed and honed over many years. It is a tried, tested, and proven system that delivers consistent, rapid, effective results.

Hoping and praying that things will get better in your relationship hasn’t worked. And therapy is expensive, often inconvenient, and takes a long time.

You’re lucky to have found us and to now know that there’s a better alternative to get your relationship on track to thrive.

This TLC coaching program gives you practical tools and skills you can use right now to easily shift your relationship to the one you’re craving.

By the end of our 10 weeks you’re most important take-aways will be:

  • Seeing The Gleam In Your Partner’s Eye, Again
  • Feeling The Nourishment And Joy Of Daily Connection
  • Becoming A Power-team
  • Knowing Exactly How To Help Each Other When Triggered
  • Ninja Communication Skills (That Will Help You Talk About Even The Hard Stuff And Feel Closer)
  • Confidence For The Journey Ahead
  • Lot’s And Lot’s Of Fun And Adventure Along The Way!

“We loved that she provided a safe and welcoming space for us instantly. We felt open to sharing and she provided wonderful exercises for us to practice. She brought us closer together and we are very grateful.” – Former Client


What you’ll get…

Welcome Packet:

As soon as you enroll in the TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) Coaching Program, you will receive a welcome packet to help you make the most out of the training, and fully prepare for the 10 weeks ahead. It will include:

  • A questionnaire that will help us get to know you better
  • Strategies on how to cultivate the right mindset to create the relationship of your dreams
  • Organizational tips to maximize success and get the most out of the program

For 10 weeks, you will receive:

  • Five practical, effective relationship training Modules with video lessons, recorded so you can have access anytime, forever.
  • Five uniquely designed Workbooks, full of exercises, writing prompts, worksheets, and tracking tools to take your relationship to the next level.
  • Four 1:1 couples coaching sessions, to get private support as a couple.
  • Ten LIVE online 90-minute Group Coaching sessions, where you and your partner will receive coaching with Dr. Lynda and her wife, Lisa, to address your unique challenges and breakthroughs for that week.

This is one of the most powerful components of this program, where you get live coaching to help you move past any blocks and fully integrate the lessons from the week that you are in. PLUS you get to learn from other couples who are working through situations that you can learn from. These calls are full of amazing breakthroughs. You’ll love them and gain so much from them.

  • Full email access to Dr. Lynda for 10 weeks. Submit your questions directly to Lynda for personalized help.
  • Access to our secret Facebook group: A 10-week private and exclusive Facebook forum to connect with other lesbian couples going through the course. Share tips and get questions answered and get support for your journey. Plus, additional access to Dr. Lynda by posting your questions in the private forum.

Modules and Lessons…

Module 1: Foundation For Radical Relationship Success

Module 2: Brain Matters

Module 3: Roots to Relief

Module 4: Find and Define your edges

Module 5: The A-HA! of Relationship Transformation:  Maintaining Emotional Connection for Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this couples therapy?
No. Even though Lynda is a licensed therapist, this is a coaching program and she will only be functioning as a relationship coach.

How much time can I expect this course to take?
Each week, you’ll have a training module with several short videos to watch which add up to be about one hour of total viewing time.

There will be a weekly 90-minute live coaching call via Zoom.

You will have a workbook with homework exercises for each module. Homework shouldn’t take more than 1 or 2 hours a week.

My partner doesn’t want to take this course. Can I take it by myself?
The TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) Coaching Program is designed for couples, with practices for the two of you to do together. If she is resistant, just see if she’s willing to do a 45minute breakthrough session with you and Lynda. Sometimes resistant partners decide to join once they talk to Lynda and see how TLC can benefit them.

My partner and I may not both be free at the time of the coaching call. What should we do?
Attending the live coaching calls is highly recommended. However, we understand that you may not be together in the same place, or that you might not be able to make every single one of them.

Do we both have to pay tuition?
No! Your tuition includes both of you.

What if we buy this program and find out it’s not for us? Will we get a refund?
I do not offer a refund. As in everything worth having in life, your results are totally dependent on your hard work, commitment, motivation, where your relationship is at when you join, and many other factors. We will explore all this and more during the Relationship Breakthrough call. I promise I will not invite you to join if for any reason, I feel this program is not right for you – it would not serve either of us to do so.

I don’t live in the United States…can I participate?
Yes! All you need is to be fluent in English, an internet connection, and a webcam!

Will my insurance pay for this coaching course?
Unfortunately, no. Like gym memberships and other services that promote your well-being, coaching is not a service that the health insurance industry has chosen to cover.

Do you offer payment plans?

What if I have more questions about the course?
We’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have! Email [email protected] to get in touch.


If you’re a lesbian couple that’s 100% committed to creating a joyful, secure, thriving relationship and you’re ready for a proven plan to REAL change, then we can help you!

You can book a free coaching call with Dr. Lynda Spann to discuss a strategic plan that lays the foundation for radical, relationship transformation.

***To access this call, please first watch Lynda Spann’s free masterclass below:


The 5 Steps My Lesbian Clients Take to Prevent a Breakup, Reconnect, and Build a Thriving Relationship

During This Online Class You’ll Learn How…

  • The ONE skill you need to instantly reconnect with each other.
  • The SOLUTION to your brain reflex that’s sabotaging your relationship peace.
  • The SECRET to getting loads more of what you crave from your partner.
  • The BIG shift that will take your relationship from ho-hum to yippie!
  • The SIMPLE steps to create the happiest relationship you’ve ever had (even if you’ve tried couples counseling previously and it didn’t work).

…and how to do all of this while rekindling the love and passion you had in the beginning of your relationship.

Our proven method does work!