For Lesbian Couples and Individuals

Solution-focused lesbian couples therapy sessions for our LBGT community in Colorado.

Love is a journey, we take together. 

At the Lesbian Couples Institute, we love helping lesbian couples and individual queer women get out of painful cycles that you’re stuck in, so you can finally enjoy life and love, again.

We know that life can turn ugly, stressful, and painful. Even when you’ve been doing everything you know how to do.

All of the counselors at LCI are lesbian or queer women who understand that relationships go sideways and life becomes stressful and overwhelming at times.

Creating a life and relationship that thrives isn’t easy. It is a journey, and journey’s require three things: A guide, tools, and commitment. We have the first two in abundance, you bring the commitment. 

That work is so much easier and quicker when you have an expert showing you exactly how to achieve your goals.

Designing a personal life or a relationship where you manage stress easily, feel happy, and know deep in your gut that you’re on the right path is possible! Especially when you have a guide to help you when you’re stuck or lost.

Let us be your guide.  We have a remarkable track record of success.

The counselors at The Lesbian Couples Institute understand from personal experience what it takes to make lasting changes.

And best of all, we know exactly how to help you and your partner learn the skills and develop the habits to create a happy and secure relationship and life.

Is it time for you to schedule Lesbian Couples Counseling?

First of all, if you’re researching couples therapy for your same-sex relationship, there’s a good chance it’s time you find a skilled lesbian couples counselor right away.

Here are some other indicators that you shouldn’t wait to go to Lesbian Couples Counseling:

  • The communication between you and your partner is terrible and you can’t seem to ever resolve things
  • You feel emotionally disconnected even when you’re on date night
  • You’re fighting with each other more often, or sometimes just not speaking at all
  • Either you’re or your partner is waking up thinking about ending the relationship
  • You dread coming home after work
  • You’re questioning if you really love your partner anymore, or if she loves you
  • There’s been an affair or a threat of an affair
  • You can hardly say anything without your partner getting upset, defensive, or withdrawn
  • One or both of you are feeling insecure a lot of the time

If you can relate to any of those statements, I’m here to tell you that you can have so much more.

I hope you’ll reach out and let one of our expert and non-judgmental counselor at LCI help you get your relationship back to on track. 

Aren’t you tired of feeling upset, insecure, and unhappy?

Click the button below to find out how to get help.

Lesbian Couples Counseling can help you:

  • Learn to communicate so that you finally feel understood
  • Put your relationship first
  • Reconnect with each other quickly
  • Fall in love again
  • Resolve resentments and repair trust
  • Get back to feeling playful and having fun
  • Rekindle your passion
  • Create a secure relationship for life

At The Lesbian Couples Institute, we love helping lesbian couples get out of painful patterns and create amazing relationships.

We also know there are times that individual counseling is just what you need. Whether your partner is refusing to do lesbian couples counseling, or you are wanting to focus on your own “stuff” right now, we invite you to come to LCI for individual therapy with a lesbian or queer therapist.

Through compassionate and personalized guidance, one-on-one therapy can help you overcome the burdens that are weighing you down, stressing you out, and causing you pain.

Whether you’re suffering under the dark cloud of depression, you’re riddled with anxiety, you’re haunted by past trauma, you’re having relationship problems, or you’re just not feeling content, we can help.

You don’t have to stay stuck in your distress. Let us help you feel better about yourself, find inner peace, create self-confidence, and have secure relationships.

Benefits Of Individual Therapy For Lesbians:

  • Feel totally comfortable knowing your lesbian or queer therapist really “gets” you
  • Experience the freedom of being accepted just the way that you are
  • Learn effective coping skills that lower stress, fast
  • Find out how to climb out of the hole of depression
  • Discover proven ways to handle relationship issues
  • Learn how to manage your anxiety without meds
  • Finally heal from past traumas
  • Discover how to soothe yourself when you feel like an emotional wreck

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. But if you are afraid, go ahead and put on your big-girl panties and contact us now.

We’re real people that want to help you become the very best (and happiest) version of yourself.

At The Lesbian Couples Institute, it’s our mission and our privilege to help you create a life and relationship that’s full of love, compassion, happiness, and security.

If you and your partner are looking for a quicker path to repair your relationship, please consider our Accelerated Programs. And, if you don’t live in or near Denver and you want to work with us, check out our Lesbian Couples Retreat.

Whether you are looking for lesbian couples counseling or help just for yourself, Reach out to us today. We’ll find the best way to work together to get your relationship back on track and moving in the right direction.