About Us

Lynda Spann, PhD, LMFT

Founder of the Lesbian Couples Institute

Hello! I’m Lynda Spann

Lynda was thrilled to open the Lesbian Couples Institute in Denver, CO in 2018 because she is passionate about helping lesbian couples solve their problems in a completely safe environment. Finding hope and crafting solutions are two of Lynda’s superpowers.

Lynda really gets how damaging it can be to work with a poorly skilled couples counselor. Or worse yet, to end up with a marriage therapist that doesn’t truly understand lesbian relationship challenges and solutions.

The way Lynda works with couples is different than most counselors. And she’s not for everybody. She’ll probably never ask you “How does that feel?” What she will do is get you and your partner talking to each other. Really talking. And she’ll equip you with the skills and tools you need to finally fix the negative patterns you’re stuck in.

No matter whether you’re struggling with a heartbreaking affair, communication bankruptcy, loneliness, or ridiculous arguments, Lynda can help. Call her today if:

– You’re waking up feeling hopeless about your relationship
– You or your partner isn’t in love anymore
– You want to save your relationship, but she’s not sure she wants to
– You’ve tried other therapists and they haven’t worked (either because they didn’t understand the two-women-in-a-relationship thing or because nothing changed)
– You want simple, elegant solutions that will save you a lot of heartache

If you have the courage to give your relationship one last shot, borrow Lynda’s hope and call her now.

Lisa Yaeger, LPC

Hello! I’m Lisa Yaeger

Lisa is a gifted therapist. She’s equally comfortable doing couples counseling or individual therapy with LGBTQ clients. She loves helping lesbian, bi, queer, and trans women, as well as straight people, have less stress, anxiety, emotional pain and relationship angst.

Lisa’s empathy is off the charts. And she has a knack for helping you identify the hurts from your past that are tripping you up in your relationship. Better yet, Lisa knows exactly how to help you deal with those memories once and for all.

The combination of Lisa’s graduate degree in counseling, 20+ years of doing therapy, specialized training in couples counseling (PACT), EMDR, and yoga therapy certification give her a unique and tremendous skill set to help women have successful lives and thriving relationships.

Whether you’ve recently fallen in love with a woman for the first time, or you’re a seasoned lesbian, Lisa would love to help you find the place of calm that you long for.

Lisa can work with you individually if you need some help becoming the best version of yourself. Or she can do couples counseling with you and your partner.

Give her a call today, and she’ll help you figure out the best plan to get you out of distress and into a positive flow.