Tip #1/10: Remind Yourself: She’s Friend, NOT Foe!

Tip #1/10:  Remind Yourself: She’s Friend, NOT Foe!

I’m writing a 10 blog series that I’m calling 10 Quick Tips to Warm Up Your Relationship

…and here’s Tip #1: She’s Friend, NOT Foe! 

It’s easy to feel like you and your partner are on opposite teams, or worse, that she’s the enemy. Especially if you’re feeling disconnected, resentful, or lonely.

And that’s NOT helpful! It just keeps things icy and distant between the two of you.

Make it a point today to shift into a more positive headspace by reminding yourself that your partner is Friend NOT Foe. You can quickly do that by answering these questions:

  • What initially attracted you to your partner when you were first falling in love?
  • What’s something she said or did for you yesterday that made you feel good?
  • In what ways are the two of you a good team?
  • How do you support each other to be the best versions of yourselves?
  • What’s your favorite memory with her?

Next, wave the flag of friendliness.

In other words, do something that lets your partner know you want to be connected, playful, kind, and protective of your relationship today.

Let her also know you’re her friend and not the enemy.

I hope this tip inspires you to move back toward your partner with friendliness. 

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