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Tip #10/10:  Date Night

Tip #10/10: Date Night

I’m excited to share the 10th (and one of my personal favorites!) of the 10 Quick Tips to Warm Up Your Relationship:  Date Night. Here’s the simple truth… If you don’t nurture your relationship by dedicating time to focus on each other and have...

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Tip #9/10:  Dance!

Tip #9/10: Dance!

You can energize and warm up your relationship with today’s Quick Tips to Warm Up Your Relationship:  Dance! You read that right.  I want you and your partner to dance together. Today! Because there’s magic that happens when you two dance...

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Tip #8/10:  Compliment Your Partner!

Tip #8/10: Compliment Your Partner!

The 8th tip (Compliment Your Partner) in this 10 part series may become your partner’s favorite. Stop focusing for a minute on the things that are wrong and that frustrate you about your partner. Focusing on the problem doesn’t necessarily solve...

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Tip #3/10:  Don’t say I Love You!

Tip #3/10: Don’t say I Love You!

Your Warm Up Your Relationship tip #3 is:  Don’t say I love you! What?… I’m suggesting not to say I love you! to your partner? I understand that might sound crazy, or at least counter-intuitive, but hear me out. Here’s the thing… Many of us say I...

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