Tip #2/10: Hug Each Other 10 Times Today

Tip #2/10:  Hug Each Other 10 Times Today

Here’s your second quick tip to warm up your relationship:  Hug each other 10 times today.

I’m not kidding!

I want you and your partner to hug one another at least 10 times today (or tomorrow if you’re reading this late in the day). 

Then, pay attention to how you feel at the end of the day.

Here are several great reasons that 10 hugs will help you, your partner, and your relationship…


  • Release oxytocin-the love and well-being hormone
  • Increase the emotional connection between the two of you
  • Strengthen your immune system 
  • Help you regulate and calm one another
  • Improve sleep
  • Diminish fears and insecurities
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Spark attraction

If you ask me, those are some very compelling reasons to have a hug-fest!

So, I invite you to play along with this. Whether you feel like it or not, give your partner 10 hugs today. 

Now don’t just give her a quick A-frame hug. The hugs that count are the bear hugs. Make sure your tummies are touching and that you hold the hug for at least 30 seconds. Longer is even better!

If you or your partner or struggling give us a call.