Tip #10/10: Date Night

Tip #10/10:  Date Night

I’m excited to share the 10th (and one of my personal favorites!) of the 10 Quick Tips to Warm Up Your Relationship:  Date Night.

Here’s the simple truth…

If you don’t nurture your relationship by dedicating time to focus on each other and have fun together, it will wither.

Date nights (or dates at any time of the day) are what will nourish your relationship week to week.

You wouldn’t plant a lovely garden and then deprive it of water and sun, would you?

Well, growing a happy, connected, thriving relationship takes its own type of water, sunshine, and good soil – and that includes… Date Night.

Lots of Date Nights.

Weekly Date Nights (if at all possible).

Again, a date night doesn’t have to take place at night, nor does it require going to dinner and a movie. In fact, movies aren’t great date material because you can’t interact and talk with one another.

Date nights can be simple and low budget or fancy and extravagant – and everything in between.

The primary goal of date night is to be present with each other, talk, laugh, have fun, and create a positive experience.

So…avoid being on your smartphones, talking about the problems in your relationship, and doing something that one of you will hate.

Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing:

  • Go for a long bike ride and picnic
  • Comedy show (either live or stream at home)
  • Take a cooking class together
  • Concert
  • Go for a hike
  • Rent kayaks
  • Go to a play or musical
  • Dinner at a restaurant you’ve never been to
  • Drive to a nearby town and explore it for the afternoon
  • Go to a lesbian bar and dance
  • Drive out of town and lay under the stars

Have fun planning a Date Night adventure for this weekend. And make a commitment to have a weekly date night moving forward.

If you find that you aren’t able to pull this off, your relationship may need a serious tune-up. Reach out to us at the Lesbian Couples Institute. We can help!

Or go check out my free 30-minute masterclass: The 5 Steps My Lesbian Clients Take to Prevent a Breakup, Reconnect, and Build a Thriving Relationship (Without Wasting Years in Therapy)

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