Tip #8/10: Compliment Your Partner!

Tip #8/10:  Compliment Your Partner!

The 8th tip (Compliment Your Partner) in this 10 part series may become your partner’s favorite.

Stop focusing for a minute on the things that are wrong and that frustrate you about your partner. Focusing on the problem doesn’t necessarily solve it.

How long has it been since you told your partner what she’s doing right?

Or looked her in the eye and said: I’m so grateful for you and for___________!  (sharing heartfelt gratitude for what she’s said or done for you)?

When’s the last time you complimented her for how she looks, how she’s showing up, or what she’s been pouring herself into to create a better life?

If you haven’t done that today, it’s been too long.

Humans crave and need praise, affirmations, compliments, and being noticed for their efforts on a regular basis.

Remember learning in Psychology 101 that positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcement to shape children’s behavior?

Well, it’s no different for adults. That’s why your mom used to say, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!”

So, go ahead…

Compliment your partner and sweeten things up in your relationship today.

Then step back and notice how that affects her, and how she responds. My bet is that she’ll move toward you in a positive way.

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