October 2018 Press Release – Leading LGBT Therapist Opens Lesbian Couples Counseling Center In Denver, Co

October 2018 Press Release – Leading LGBT Therapist Opens Lesbian Couples Counseling Center In Denver, Co

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For decades, lesbian couples in the Denver area have lacked the same resources that straight couples can readily find when they need help with relationships.

Dr. Lynda Spann says it’s time for that to end.

Spann, a seasoned therapist who worked with hundreds of couples in the Pueblo, Colorado area, has launched a new counseling center focused on lesbian, bisexual and queer couples and individuals.

The Lesbian Couples Institute at 1468 South Pearl Street in Denver will offer lesbian couples counseling and individual therapy, along with three unique options for lesbian couples counseling in Denver and beyond: The Lesbian Couples Transformation Program, the Lesbian Relationship Breakthrough Program, and The Lesbian Couples Retreat In Denver.

Spann, who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with more than 20 years of experience, looks forward to working with women who love women.

“We have created a comfortable and professional place for women in same-sex relationships to get the very best relationship help available,” she says. “The counselors here know what it’s like to be in a lesbian relationship. They have the personal and professional knowledge to help couples deal with their communication problems, feel more connected and create a caring, secure partnership.”

Spann says she feels profoundly sad when she sees lesbian relationships crash and burn – especially when so many partnerships can be saved.

She explains that, while her successful practice in Pueblo gave her the chance to help hundreds of straight couples rebuild their relationships, over the years she began to feel “out of alignment.”

“Like many of us, I longed for permission to be open, out, and completely myself,” she says. “I wanted to help my own community of women who are committed to women – offering them the tools they need to create healthy, intimate relationships.”

Joined by her partner, Spann moved to the Denver area in the Summer of 2018 and The Lesbian Couples Institute was born.

Whether you’re married, living together or dating – with or without children in the picture – Spann and her associates are ready to provide the relationship support you may not have been able to find until now.

“We are family,” Spann points out. “We understand your life because we’ve lived it.”

Spann urges couples not to put themselves through the agony of going to a couples counselor who claims to be LGBTQ-friendly, “but doesn’t understand the U-Haul joke or thinks that one of you is the ‘guy’ in the relationship.”

There’s no need to spend time trying to adapt to a therapist who can’t possibly know what challenges you face at home or in the community, she says. “At LCI, there’s so much you don’t have to explain. You can immediately go to work on the specific issues that matter most to the two of you.”

To learn more about The Lesbian Couples Institute, lesbian couples counseling in Denver, or to set up your first appointment, call 303-222-7134 or visit www.lesbiancouplesinstitute.com.