Transformation Program

Transformation Program

It IS possible to transform a relationship that’s been nearly destroyed by betrayal…with the right help.

Is your relationship causing you a lot of pain? Has the trust been severely damaged? If so, the Lesbian Couples Transformation Program is just the right program for you and your partner to invest in.

This program can bring your relationship deep healing and restored trust. Even if you’re reeling from the shattering effects of betrayal. We can help you get back to achieving your own lesbian couple goals.

The Lesbian Couples Relationship Transformation Program (and the Lesbian Relationship Breakthrough Program) are our premium LGBT Couples Counseling packages here at the Lesbian Couples Institute.

This program combines the unparalleled benefits of a one-day Lesbian Couples Retreat in Denver followed by six sessions of LGBT Couples Counseling. Additional perks of the program include unlimited email support from your therapist and between sessions, do-at-home relationship building exercises.

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The Relationship Transformation Program will help you reach your lesbian couple goals:


  • Stop blame and criticism
  • Rebuild broken trust
  • Restore healthy intimacy
  • Be happy together again
  • Get over resentments and find forgiveness


This Lesbian Couples Transformation Program includes:

One Full Day Retreat with your LGBT therapist

You’ll spend an entire day together, focusing on your relationship to gain a deep understanding of the issues that are causing you distress and pain, and to develop a customized plan to meet your lesbian couple goals, with simple solutions that will provide the momentum to move your relationship toward healing.

Six 100-minute sessions

In our experience, working with a couple for twice the length of a typical 50-minute therapy session creates much faster and longer-lasting results.

Unlimited email support throughout this program with your lesbian counselor

For conflicts (or celebrations) with your partner. Especially when you want feedback NOW.

Thirty Unique Relationship Building Exercises

These are tailored to your specific relationship needs and will be delivered right to your email.

Bonus: Six 15 minute “emergency” telephone calls with your LGBT counselor, as needed throughout this program.

If you and your partner are suffering from the devastation of an affair or other form of betrayal, and you’re wanting to see if you can save your relationship and reach all of your lesbian relationship goals, the Lesbian Couples Relationship Transformation Program is your very best shot.

After going through this transformational program, many couples ended up with a better relationship than they ever had. You can, too!

Contact us today, to set up a free consultation to find out if the Lesbian Couples Relationship Transformation Program is the right fit for you and your partner. And don’t worry, if your partner is unwilling to come to counseling with you, individual LGBT therapy can make a big difference in your life.

The staff at The Lesbian Couples Institute are Licensed Professional Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists. Our clients live and work in all parts of the greater Denver area, including Cherry Creek, Washington Park, LoDo Denver, Uptown, Highland, Capitol Hill, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, Littleton, and Golden.