Why Are Lesbian Couples Retreats So Powerful?

Why Are Lesbian Couples Retreats So Powerful?

Chances are, this question…Why are lesbian couples retreats so powerful?…has never even floated across your mind before.

That’s because private couples retreats are just now coming onto the scene. This intensive type of therapy is a new (and improved) option for rescuing your relationship, fast.

And let me tell you, it’s a brilliant option for many, many couples like you. 

Especially if one of you is thinking about ending your relationship, but you both know deep down that you haven’t tried everything (yet) to save it.

Don’t make the mistake of throwing in the towel before you exhaust all avenues to get back on track. Otherwise, you’ll be plagued with that heavy, dreary feeling of regret…forever. 

You know the one I’m talking about!

What is an intensive lesbian couples retreat, anyway?

Here’s the formula:

One lesbian couple + one lesbian therapist + one or two full days of therapy lesbian couples retreat. That simple.

What our lesbian couples retreats are NOT…

So, at the Lesbian Couples Institute, our couples retreats are not the kind of retreat where you have to pull out your dirty laundry in front of a bunch of other couples that are also hurting and broken. No public exhibitionism  required.

Nor are they spa-like get-aways designed for rest and relaxation. (You can book a yoga retreat in Costa Rica for that!)

And, they’re definitely not about trapping yourself into a therapy room with a straight therapist that doesn’t really get what it’s like to be a queer woman. Where you’ll feel mortified to open-up about the private details of your sex-life.

Nope, the lesbian couples retreats that we offer are individualized, unique, immersive experiences designed to comfortably equip you and your partner with the road map, supplies, and skills you’ll need to create a lasting, secure, and fun journey of love together. All under the guidance of another queer woman.

How does that sound to you?

Why are our lesbian couples retreats so powerful?

I’m glad you asked. Because I’m cheesed to share the 5 R’s of these relationship intensives. Don’t worry, the 5 R’s don’t have anything to do with reading, writing or arithmetic! 

These couples retreats are so extremely powerful because they include these five relationship healing elements:

1. Retreat

Ok, just so you know, I get that it sounds a bit (or hugely) redundant to use the word retreat to describe a retreat. But in this case I’m using retreat as a verb. An action word. Whereas a lesbian couples retreat is a thing. A noun.


I simply cannot over-emphasize the value of taking the time out of your very busy life and routine (dare I say rat-race) to pause and focus on your relationship for two days.

Creating a relaxed and ample context where you’re not bombarded with typical distractions and interruptions (think:  job, phone, pets, appointments, family members, social-media, TV, cooking, dishes, deadlines) is a gift of pure luxury. 


Having a safe space and abundance of time will put you in a position to make much better use of specialized couples counseling. Without all of the normal obligations barging their way into your limited brain-space. 

Retreating from your every-day life will give you the margins and inner resources needed to learn and integrate new skills and create emotional muscle memory that will last.

Let me be honest, it’s much harder and longer (as in months and months of counseling) to pull that off by going to a 50-minute therapy session once every couple of weeks. 

In fact, it’s often impossible to fix what’s broken and create a relationship that thrives in traditional, hourly couples counseling.

2. Reboot

Have you ever had a computer virus worm it’s way into your prized operating system?

Where your only choices were to chuck the machine and loose all your files, memories, and data. Or to initiate a complete system Reboot. All the while keeping your fingers crossed that your precious history would be saved.

Well, my friend, a lesbian couples retreat will provide you with a reboot to your relationship operating system.

Getting rid of faulty patterns of communication and learning how to finally have even the most difficult conversations (in a way that you both feel understood) will be one of the most significant parts of this reboot.

You will both walk away from the retreat with clarity about the root of your problems and how to solve them. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of how you’re each wired to react under stress. And you’ll discover effective ways to protect one another from now on.

Think of a lesbian couples therapy retreat as the quickest and most effective way to reboot your partnership and to onboard the very best Anti-viral software for a secure future.

3. Repair

Ever feel like you’re walking across a rug where there are lots of buried piles of unresolved resentments and hurts that you’ve both swept under there? Or like you’re constantly walking on eggshells around each other?

That’s probably because you two never fully repaired and resolved painful situations from your past. 

And you don’t trust that you can speak up without causing conflict.

During the couples retreat, you’ll first learn why it’s so important to embrace steady vulnerability and speak your truth, as well as to lean into radical curiosity when you’re listening to your partner.

Then you’ll discover the power of repair.

You’ll have opportunities during the lesbian couples retreat to repair past hurts and to learn how to deliver and receive soothing repairs moving forward.

Quick repair is an essential element to building a secure and happy relationship for the long haul. Without repair, your relationship becomes tattered and uncomfortable. Like a sock with a big, nasty hole in it.

4. Reconnect

Tired of feeling disconnected from your partner?

If you’ve been living in the lonely desert of disconnection, you’ll be happy to know that our lesbian couples retreat will definitely help you and your partner reconnect.

I’m talking a deep reconnection of your hearts. As well as a rekindled physical connection, if that’s what you both desire.

But don’t worry, this won’t be a fleeting reconnection, destined to dwindle a few days after returning home.

In fact, a major purpose of the lesbian couples retreat is to equip you with a set of easy steps that will help you maintain a meaningful and satisfying connection over the months and years to come.

5. Recommit

By the end of your time in one of our retreats, you’ll be prepared to make a solid recommitment to one another.

No more waffling on whether you’re going to go or stay. 

And no more worries about whether or not your partner is on her way out the door.

Along with a renewed commitment, you’ll have a clear plan for moving forward in a way that will continue to support the repair, growth, and intimate connection in your relationship for good.

With this newfound recommitment, you’ll be able to work effectively as a team. And become what I call a Power Couple.

If you’re ready to move from being a mess of a couple to becoming a power couple, you should seriously consider scheduling a lesbian couples retreat in Denver.

We’d love to help rescue your relationship and then set it on a course to thrive.