Single Awareness Day (aka Valentine’s Day)

Single Awareness Day (aka Valentine’s Day)

Every one of us enters and exits this world – SINGLE.  And from beginning to end, we wear a myriad of labels. 

Like the clothes in my closet and drawers, I have the power to pick and choose the labels I wear and why I wear various combinations.  In acts of independence – and sometimes defiance – I embrace the label Single.

On Valentine’s Day, the label single may seem so S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day).  But is it?  

Any singer who has a hit single is ecstatic!  It’s way cool to be sitting at the top of the charts.   

Daily, I purposefully look for ways to score a hit single.  Here are examples from the past few days. . .

  • Watching the tangerine and azure sun rise outside my window as the heat and aroma of a delectable cup of drip coffee steams from the mug.
  • Gratitude for my 84-year-old Mom who is healthy, sharp-minded, and adoringly loves me.  (Perhaps adoration is easier at a distance – we live almost a thousand miles apart.)
  • The house remodel project I hoped would take 90 days is entering its 7th month.  Score here for lessons in patience, ambiguity, and “going with the flow.”

Sure, some artists have one hit wonder singles – a singular, definitive distinction in their career and life.  

Wow! Another way to look at singleI’m unique and distinctive.  I’ll wear that label, too.  

And of course, there is the single label which implies solo, solitary, on my own.  When I describe and define my life by whether I’m in an intimate relationship, then, right now, I’m single.  

I came into this world single.  While a label may imply worth and importance, I’ve found that how I pair and accessorize it is what instills the value and meaning for me.

My solo entry into this world didn’t last very long.  I was immediately and lovingly connected with family and every other human being on the planet.  

Just like every other single person on this Earth, I experience the gamut of emotions —  joy, loneliness, fear, vulnerability, courage, anger, envy, ecstasy, doubt, confidence, compassion . . . .

And in this month of ground hogs and love, I choose to embrace the label single.  

On February 14th – Single Awareness Day (aka Valentine’s Day for all who wear the label couple), I joyously sing at the top of my lungs as I behold record breaking hit singles. 

And in the end, my single, unique and distinctive character is what defines my contribution and where I’ll land on the chart of hit singles. 

Every one of us enters and exits this world — SINGLE.  For all the time in-between, what labels do you choose to wear?