Save Your Relationship By Joining Our Online Group Coaching Program For Lesbian Couples

Whether your relationship is on the brink of divorce or it’s suffering from disconnection or miscommunication, our 6-week online group coaching program for lesbian couples can help you become the happiest couple in the room, again! 

Let me tell you, if you and your partner are arguing, hardly talking, avoiding each other, not being friendly or affectionate, and you’re weary of being stuck in patterns that are making you frustrated or miserable, our coaching program will help!

And the really good news is that you don’t have to drive to a couples counseling office to get the help you need to transform your relationship.

You can do it from the comfort of your home, and at the times that are most convenient for you.

Here at the Lesbian Couples Institute, we worked for months to create a heart and science-based training program to help lesbian couples redesign a relationship that is healthy, happy, and secure.

And we accomplished our goal!

Here’s what a recent graduate of TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) said:

“This course literally saved our relationship. I thought we were over. And now we’re closer and happier than we’ve been in years!”

So if your relationship is struggling or causing you and/or your partner pain, please reach out

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you should be able to handle it yourself. 

That boot-strap method doesn’t work when it comes to changing your relationship patterns.

Relationship repair a la DIY can cause more harm than good.

Believe me…I know!

Getting help from couples counselors and relationship coaches that specialize in lesbian relationships will be much more effective and time-efficient. 

BTW- all the counselors and coaches here at LCI are queer women, too. We’re family!

By joining TLC, in just 10 weeks you and your partner will learn:

  • A dozen or more ways to reconnect in an instance
  • What it takes to have a relationship that balances closeness and independence
  • The simple and proven way to never fight again
  • Each other’s vulnerabilities and how to soothe them
  • How to successfully talk about everything (even the hard stuff)
  • To design agreements that’ll protect your relationship for good
  • The exact habits that will keep you connected, authentic, and happy

We know that there are other online marriage courses and coaching programs out there.

The difference with our program is that it was designed especially for lesbian couples, by a lesbian who’s a seasoned and accomplished couples therapist. 

Most people that claim to be relationship coaches don’t have a therapy degree or license. In contrast, Lynda has a Doctorate in marriage therapy and more than 23 years of experience doing couples counseling.

This program was designed to meet the needs of OUR community of lesbians and queer women who are striving to grow together.

In this coaching course, you’ll learn all the skills, tools, and agreements you need to build an amazing, thriving relationship with the person you picked to be your life mate. 

And you’ll do that within a safe community with other like-minded queer women.

The TLC program has several powerful elements that will guide you along the proven path to forming a relationship that thrives. These include:

  • Bite sized relationship training videos 
  • A designer workbook the accompanies each of the 5 distinct modules
  • Weekly exercises for you and your partner to rediscover each other
  • Two-hour coaching calls (led by Lynda and Lisa) every week for the six weeks you’re in TLC
  • A private FaceBook group to give and receive support from the other lesbian couples in the program
  • Opportunity to email Lynda directly
  • Lifelong access to all the course materials

Now that the TLC program has been running successfully, I really see that in many ways it is better than traditional couples counseling. The combination of video trainings and workbooks (that you can review over and over) along with live relationship coaching is truly a relationship transformation formula!

If you want to learn more about my work and TLC, please watch my free 30-minute Masterclass here: The 5 Steps My Lesbian Clients Take to Prevent a Breakup, Reconnect, and Build a Thriving Relationship (Without Wasting Years in Therapy). A replay will be available for you to show your partner.

At the end of the masterclass, you’ll have an opportunity to schedule a FREE 45-minute Relationship Breakthrough Session with me.