Lesbian Relationship Coaching Can Help After Your Partner Says “I’m Not In Love With You Anymore!”

Lesbian Relationship Coaching

The sting of hearing “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore!” hurts more than being stung by a dozen angry yellow-jacket wasps.


Where can you turn for help when you’re in so much pain? Who can be there to listen to you without being biased? And offer sound suggestions and guidance about how to respond to your partner so that her heart will warm back up?

If you’re like most women, it’s really hard (and risky) to find someone in your circle to confide in about your relationship troubles. Plus, I know you’re smart enough to realize that talking to your mutual friends, or your closest family members is a bad idea. Because, after all, if things work out between you and your babe, you don’t want them to hold a grudge and treat her weird forever.

You could just hold it all in, gut it out, and power through the hurt, loneliness, and fear… all alone.

But there’s a much better option. An opportunity that will help you not only survive the pain you’re feeling, but also help you make your relationship better than it’s been for a long time.

How does that sound?

I’m here to tell you that one of the very best things you can do for yourself (and your relationship) if your wife or girlfriend has just told you “I’m not in love with you any more!” is to start working with a lesbian relationship coach.

By making an appointment with one of our relationship coaches here at The Lesbian Couples Institute you will begin to feel relief immediately. And you won’t just start to feel better. You’ll also get help understanding what the heck went wrong in your relationship and how to fix it.

Here are four ways that lesbian relationship coaching can help after your partner says “I’m not in love with you anymore!”

You don’t have to suffer through this pain alone.

Let’s face it. When something traumatic happens, it’s much better to have someone to talk to and support you. Otherwise, the fear, distress, hurt and all those other yucky feelings will just snowball. And bring you down. Way down.

This is no time to be a rock or an island.

Give yourself the gift of talking to a compassionate lesbian relationship coach.

A skilled relationship coach is savvy and safe to talk to.

Here at The Lesbian Couples Institute, our coaches are smart, friendly, and very experienced at helping lesbians and queer women with relationship and life challenges.

On top of that, all of our coaches understand the ins and outs of lesbian relationships. Believe me, we’ve all been there.

When you’re scared and looking for support and help, you’ll feel much more at ease knowing that your helper is queer, too.

Learn super effective strategies to cope with the pain and anxiety you’re feeling.

Our lesbian relationship coaches are highly trained and very easy to talk to.

Your coach can help you develop simple and powerful ways to:

  • Stop your negative thoughts in their tracks
  • Calm and ground yourself quickly
  • Get rid of the anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach
  • Quiet your worries in the middle of the night
  • Respond to your partner when she’s sending mixed messages
  • Communicate with your partner so you both feel understood

Even though your world may feel like it’s been put through a blender, a lesbian relationship coach can teach you new skills that will help you get through this hard time in one piece.

Find the answer to your dilemma: Should I stay or should I go?

Do you keep wondering if you should call it quits because your partner confessed that she’s not in love with you anymore?

How will you decide what to do and then trust that you’ve made the right decision?

Don’t worry. Your relationship coach will know exactly how to help you sort through all of your confused and contradictory feelings. (Which, by the way, are normal for what you’re going through.)

And I want you to hear this…

Just because your honey isn’t feeling in love with you anymore, doesn’t mean that the relationship has to be over. The in love feelings tend to come and go (and come back again) across the lifetime of any intimate relationship.

When you discover the things you’re doing that contribute to the distance or toxicity in your relationship, you’ll be empowered to stop doing things that might be making your relationship worse.

By working with a relationship coach, you can make positive changes in yourself that will bring about favorable changes in your partner. The two of you will have the chance to stop the negative pattern you’ve been stuck in. You can learn how to create a secure and happy relationship. And have another chance at falling in love with each other, all over again.