Even Lesbians Have Fear About The Coronavirus! Here’s How To Manage The Fear…

If you’re living in the same world I’m in (whether you’re a lesbian or not), you’re bound to be experiencing some extra fear right now.

Isn’t this COVID-19 era surreal? 

Full of scary news, social isolation, toilet-paper shortages, and businesses collapsing. The world as we know it is spinning, turning upside-down, and vanishing.

Fear.  So much fear.

Of course fear is a normal feeling and reaction at times like this. Fear is a gift for survival. But it can also get amped up to the point that it becomes crippling.

In this video, I’ll share 8 ways that you can effectively manage your fear.

As a bonus, by practicing these fear-reducing strategies, you’ll also be helping your partner calm down, too. She’ll feel more relaxed and connected to you.

You can co-regulate by using these 8 strategies. Creating a win-win where you both end up feeling more calm and connected!

Lesbian couples all over the world can manage fear and get through this!