Celebrate Pride Month And Pride In Your Relationship

We’re celebrating Pride Month here at the Lesbian Couples Institute!

That means we’re celebrating our queer community and all those who came before us to fight for our right to love the people we want to love.

I got to thinking about what characterizes our lgbtq tribe.

These are four key characteristics of our community:


We are strong. Both individually and as a group.


As a minority, those of us in the lgbtq community have had to have great courage to stand in our truth.


We practice higher degrees of acceptance of ourselves and each other.


We come at life from a place of love and especially protecting our right to love.

I began wondering if we have the same amount of pride in our own lesbian or queer relationships as we do in our lgbtq community.

Do you have pride in your own, personal relationship?  Are you proud of the couple that you’ve become? Are you proud of how you treat each other when you’re out in public and at home?

The same four characteristics that apply to our lgbtq community ought to apply to our intimate relationships, too.

It’s important that we have strength as a couple. That we’re a strong couple team as we face the world together.

And courage matters in our intimate relationship. Courage to be vulnerable and speak up about anything and everything. It’s important that we have the courage to keep growing both separately and together.

Acceptance. We need to have acceptance in our relationship. Acceptance of our uniqueness and differences as a couple. And of our past, our communication styles, and how we show up for each other. Do you and your partner have complete acceptance of one another?

We must protect the love in our intimate relationship with the same fierceness that we protect our right to love the person we want to love. If you don’t protect your own relationship, you’ll end up with a crummy relationship.

The stronger and healthier your relationship is, the better your overall well-being will be. That’s why it’s very important to protect your love relationship.

If you’re not proud of your relationship right now, be intentional about making little changes so that you can have pride in how you’re both showing up.

Be sure to protect your relationship with the same enthusiasm, commitment, and fervor that you protect your right to love the person you love.

Celebrate pride month with our queer community. And celebrate your relationship with your partner. Do what you can to have deep, authentic pride in your relationship as well as our community in general.

Happy Pride Month from the Lesbian Couples Institute!