How To Save Your Relationship With the Connection —> Communication Loop

If you and your partner are struggling with connection or communication in your relationship, listen up! 

In this video I’m sharing the Connection —> Communication Loop. This is one of the most essential success paths for all couples (not just lesbian couples).

After hearing the troubles of hundreds of couples in my couples counseling and relationship coaching practice, I know that most couples struggle with communication and maintaining emotional connection in their marriage.

Discovering the Connection —> Communication Loop is a relationship saver! 

Even couples on the brink of a breakup can create a relationship that’s alive and that thrives, by practicing this mindset shift.

As humans, we’re wired for connection. In fact, connection is a survival need. Emotional connection with an intimate partner sends a signal of safety to your brain. And it doesn’t require verbal communication to make it happen.

Connection is easily achieved through simple practices like eye gazing, physical closeness, and touch.

And, yes, effective communication also amplifies connection and leads to security.

On the other hand, disconnection is unhealthy and causes insecurity. Disconnection increases stress and stress-related illnesses and conditions. It also brings about emotional dis-regulation, by throwing us on emotional tilt. 

There’s an important feedback loop between connection and communication:

  • Emotional connection increases the odds of crafting win-win communication
  • Effective communication grows emotional connection between partners

3 Steps to Save Your Relationship With the Connection —> Communication Loop:

  1. Sit face to face when you talk
  2. Hug each other at least twice a day
  3. Touch every chance you get

Start practicing these 3 steps today. Leave a comment to let us know other ways that you and your babe practice the Connection —> Communication Loop.

If you’re relationship is suffering from icy disconnection or broken communication we can help. Schedule a call with us to start the journey to heal your relationship pain.