Podcast: Being LGBTQ

Dr. Lynda Spann had the pleasure of sitting down with LGBTQ advocate Sam Wise, host of the Being LGBTQ podcast. Being LGBTQ features interviews with people from across the community. Striving to give a platform to those who feel underrepresented, within it we discuss the latest issues impacting the community, amplify the voices of LGBTQ people, point you to the latest LGBTQ music artists and much more. Being LGBTQ is informative, friendly and accessible to all.

Lynda Spann

Lesbian couples relationship therapist Dr .Lynda Spann has over 20 years experience helping lesbian couples, in fact she has helped over 600. Dr. Spann joins us to discuss her career, the unique challenges and struggles lesbian couples face, the stigma around seeking help and more. Dr Spann is based in Denver, Colorado and founded the Lesbian Couples Institute in 2018.