Have you heard about the popular question games for couples? The ones for couples that are on their third date or their hundredth date?

You can find dozens of these question games online. But, I started wondering…

Where’s the question game for lesbian couples?

I searched and couldn’t find one. So I decided to create it.

If you’ve ever felt the dread of going on a dinner date with your honey because you’re not sure what you’ll talk about, you can now relax and enjoy a long sigh of relief.

No more sitting at the table in awkward silence. Or being bored out of your head because you’re cycling through the same, tired topic for the millionth time.

If you’re ready to have some fun with your partner while deepening your relationship, play this question game for lesbian couples.

And if you’re feeling a bit lonely and disconnected in your relationship, play this game of 20 questions. By the end, you’ll feel more connected than you have in a long time.

Whether you’re on a special date or sitting on your front porch, these questions will help you delight in each other’s company, have a few laughs, and get to know each other better. Prepare to feel happy.

Chances are you’re going to be pretty surprised at some of the things you’ll discover about one another.

There’s only one rule for this question game: treat all the responses with respect. That’s it.

Listen with an open mind and heart. And for god’s sake, don’t argue with or judge any of your partner’s answers. Be sure to take turns asking each other questions.

20 Questions: A Game For Lesbian Couples

1. Who’s been your biggest lesbian celebrity crush?
2. What is one thing you hope I really see and understand about you?
3. Where were you and what went through your mind when you found out that the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 States on June 26, 2015?
4. What’s one thing I do sexually that you really like?
5. When did you first know you liked girls?
6. What’s your favorite memory of something we’ve done together?
7. Who was the first person you ever came out to and how did they react?
8. What big dream do you most want to pursue?
9. How do I hinder the dreamer in you?
10. Have you ever been the victim of homophobia? Tell me what happened.
11. What do you like best about me?
12. What was the first lesbian-themed movie you ever watched and how did it impact you?
13. Will you please tell me about your first lesbian role model?
14. If we could travel anywhere in the world together, where would that be and why?
15. What’s been your biggest fear about being lesbian, bi, or queer?
16. How do you most aspire to be as a partner to me?
17. What do you remember about the first time you had sex with a woman?
18. If you could hit the rewind button, what part of your life would you want to change?
19. How did you come out to your family?
20. What do you want our legacy as a couple to be?

Now that you’ve gotten your hands on the best question game for lesbian couples, go plan a date night with your sweetie.

If you discover that you just want to avoid spending an evening with your partner at all costs, you may need some couples counseling first. Contact us if your relationship is in trouble and you’re ready for help.