Dr Lynda Spann & Lisa Yaeger Interview by Curve Magazine

We (Lynda and Lisa) were thrilled to be interviewed by Curve Magazine on June 23rd during their Pride 2020 live stream event.

Thanks, Silke, for the great questions and conversation!

As the founders of The Lesbian Couples Institute (LCI), we were excited to chat about what we’re up to at LCI. And especially about how we help lesbian couples and queer women all over the world. 

Being our first interview, Lisa and I were both a tad bit nervous. Can you tell?

Even so, we both had fun sharing some details about our life, relationship, and work as counselors and relationship coaches. 

And we were especially happy to be able to announce that we’re going to be launching a new online group coaching program for lesbian couples this Fall.

So stay tuned…

If you know a lesbian couple that is struggling, the online group coaching program may be a perfect fit. It’s being designed to help women in same-sex-relationships go from a troubled relationship to one where they finally feel happy and secure for good.